Stella finds inspiration for her work from poetry, news headlines, and just about any throw away phrase can start her imagination flowing.
Clay, wood, metal and found objects are used for her 3D pieces. And some artistic licence was used for the castles in her early work and more recently in the somewhat chaotic shanty habitats.
Stella enjoys experimenting with diverse media and textures, Oils, acrylics, alcohol ink, en-caustic wax. She finds acrylics very useful for collage and highlighting sculptural pieces. The brilliance and fast drying action of this media helps to achieve the desired affect. However, her passion for portrait/life/landscape painting in oils is probably her favourite.
Ceramics, are very high on Stella’s ‘just have to do’ list. In recent sculptural work, she is keen to push clay to the limits, and has developed an unorthodox practice of building struc-tures as separate components, as large as the kiln will allow, then painting and attaching after firing.