I enjoy METAL  SCULPTURE  using steel plate, utilising scrapped parts from cars, ie.old exhaust pipes/valves, old bicycles, plus almost any metal items that were of no use anymore.. I use a Mig Welder and a Plasma Cutter, and with the help of my son who usefully has a garage, a friend and a local forge, I started to learn a new art. This is  very strenuous  work but very agreeable, I love the natural colour of metal when it has been worked on, and even more when it starts going rusty, and all the ochre’s, reds and browns come into being. Although I love to try new things, I still really love painting and ceramics and  will still  carry on with  these things as well I  also keep my mind open to something that might be just around the corner.

I felt I wanted to make larger  sculpture than could be produced in clay and so began creating life size  PAPER MACHE’ constructions,  recycling old newspapers appealed to me very much.