For as long as I can remember I have loved painting and although very diverse in my interests  (ceramics,/papier mache /metal constructions batik and others!), I think painting is my favourite.

I did not have any further education in art  as such, but won the Art prize at school and attended evening classes and obtained O level in art, and have joined many painting groups  and been very involved within the local art world  ever since I now mostly paint in acrylics, as I like the fast drying out time, so to get on quickly with more layers. However, I still love oil painting, drawing and occasionally  pastels and watercolours.

Inspiration comes from textures :- pottery , glass, facade’s on old buildings, wood, stone…….. reflections on water and  glass.  I love atmosphere in painting and would attempt to get some narrative if possible into my paintings ie attitude from a model , stormy weather  etc.

Artists such as Chardin –  still life , Vermeer atmospheric interiors ,  Rembrandt-portrait’s,   Velazquez portraits  Hans Coper and  Grayson Perry -Ceramics , Rodin Sculpture. Many modern artists and friends also inspire me.

I have won numerous prizes for painting over the years,  and feel very proud to have two paintings  in the Public Catalogue Foundation  book for  Oil Painting in Public Ownership.

I like painting portraits best of all, followed then by life, still life and landscapes ….I like to get a theme and paint in layers ,  however, I believe I would attempt anything if the subject inspired me enough.

I have a studio at my home, where I paint from my photographs and sketches ,and really enjoy painting landscapes in situ, weather permitting …mostly on holiday or in the summer.

I work every single day at one project or another, switching from painting to ceramics to metal work . I am very motivated and never have enough time to do all I would like .